Marketing is consistency

Who we are

We’ve been around since 2014. Clients pick us to jumpstart flat sales because we bring more energy and focus to marketing. No more juggling and hesitation, just growth.

Reliable support

We’re systematic, we’re automated, and we’re hungry to make you better than the competition. All issues are logged and attended to on the same-day! We’ve got you covered


We’re not lowest priced – because detailed work is hard work. We’re not the priciest either because we don’t rent the most expensive office spaces in iconic buildings and get clients to pay for everything. All that equates to value for you.

Try it Yourself

There’s email, there’s websites and SEO, there’s conversion, wait there’s funnels, segments and engagement, there’s magnets, there’s landing pages, keywords, A/B testing, content writing, content optimisation, content distribution, there’s social, there’s ads/PPC, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. And then Google Shopping. Crazy right? If you try to do everything, you’re dead. And if you don’t, you’re toast. Most companies don’t try, they just get lost and watch sales slowly go down. Well, we at Hoshmedia help business owners cut through this madness and gain more sales systematically.

Play it forward

We work hard to give clients a systematic, structured approach to get higher sales. Sometimes, they just need a door rather than a whole house. So we give them something they can run with.

"First page" is overrated

The truth is, page 1 rank can fail to deliver higher sales. It may send you more traffic, but it doesn’t guarantee higher sales. There’s so many other elements beside Google rank that you should care about. We’ll show you.


In today’s world, it’s possible for companies located hundreds of miles away to be selling to your customers. They don’t have a physical presence (they don’t need to) yet they’re able to take business away from you. And they’ll continue to grow if you don’t do something about it.

It’s time you stop wondering why existing customers are buying less and less like the economy is always slowing down. It’s time to be strategic, invest, and thrive.

We can show you the possibilities.

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